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Graphic Design and me.

I have been going to school for graphic design and well to be honest there are days when I feel like I am just not getting it. yet everyone tells me I am. Master even thinks my work is good  I am thankful that he would tell me if it sucked.  I posted work on my facebook and I was left feeling empty because I guess it was not something people wanted to talk about. My brother put it best an eye and a pyramid together bring out the wrong thoughts. well back to the drawing board with the ideas for vision palace. 

I know it will come to me soon. I have the weekend now to go play with Master Diamond. (grumbles about a pirate game)  I been writing again finally but something new I think I will have to crack open the book this weekend and actually get on it again. or open word and write what ever comes to me I worked on my panda drawing yesterday in my sketch book. in my two and half days off I might even start a new drawing who knows what I can get into with the time off. 

Here is my project :)

My Master Diamond

I love how he thought of me before he went on his fishing trip this time. He made sure that I had a list of things he wanted me to do while he was gone. let me know a week in advance that he was off on his trip. I read stories on the internet that are sad tales of the submissive life and it makes me thankful that I have him as my Dominant. 

He thinks of the little things like aftercare and temperance. These things help promote our bound. He is my rock and yet he I feel instinctively knows when to give me that little nudge when I need it or swat when I deserve it even if I don’t agree. I am not saying we have the perfect relationship but I am saying I am one lucky girl that I am his. 

I think…

I am a lucky person because I have wonderful friends and family but I also have a good Dominant. Master Diamond had reminded me that a Dominant can be the right things at the right times. I went many years between Dominants because I couldn’t find ones that understood this concept. They were self absorbed or even at times abusive. 

He inspires me to serve him by his actions. He knows when to be firm and he knows when to be gentle. We work as a team in the things that we do. Sometimes though I do have to remind him that he doesn’t have to do things all himself. 

I am mindful in what I do because I know that what I do is a reflection upon him. His praise helps me through the difficult times. I have to admit he keeps me on a long leash that when needed he pulls me back and I hear that tone when he drops the timber of his voice. It makes me pay attention but at the same time melts me. 

Why you wonder I am deciding to talk about this well it has been on my mind and I needed to get it out. 

Finding a place to actually to let myself out.

I see people use tumblr for a lot of things and to be honest I am really at a lost for mine. So I think I am going to start it all over and see what I can really make of this place. I probably need to start being here more and find out what my presence should be here. I have alot going on in my real offline life so I will be sporadic or I may just set this up as one of my pages that I log into every day. So here is revamping….

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